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590 лв.
CNC P6 Adjustable Stroke Tattoo Pen
Features Stroke Adjust At Your Will- Adjust the stroke without dismantl...
600 лв.
GT-Smart Pen - Red
The GT-Smart Pen is a powerful pen-style machine that is light, compact and co...
300 лв.
Rocket Max V8 Tattoo Machine
*CNC Aluminum Alloy Machine Frame Product Name:Rocket tattoo machine .Material:...
290 лв.
MO Tour Short Pen Machine - Black/Red
Specifications: Net Weight: 82g Machine Diameter: 25mm Machine...
280 лв.
MO Crown Short Pen Machine - Black
Specification:  Material: Aluminum alloy ·  Speed: 12000 rpm · &n...
720 лв.
EVO Rotary - MAXX 4.0 - Wireless Pen Machine - Black
A wireless tattoo machine with the functions of a power supply build into the ...
480 лв.
MO Hybrid - RCA/Wireless
Tattoo Battery Pen Machine 145*32 mm Chinese Coreless Motor 8V 11000RPM Stroke L...
330 лв.
Working From PMU to tattoo purpose just in ONE machine work for more than one ...
660 лв.
Xiali Wireless Tattoo Battery Pen Machine
Xiali Tattoo Battery Pen Machine 124.5mm*33mm Japanese Coreless Flat Motor 10V 9...
650 лв.
MO Wireless Tattoo Pen - Black
MO Wireless Tattoo Pen Motor: 17*25 Coreless Motor Rotational Speed: 12000RPM Vo...
440 лв.
HELLO Tattoo Battery Pen Machine with Coreless Motor
HELLO Battery Tattoo Pen Machine Net weight: round: 209g square: 206g gross weig...
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