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Bishop CAPO V6 - Metall Grau

Артикул: CN1491
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The bishop tattoo machine weighs 107 grams and has a balanced design designed by top engineers to give the machine the perfect balance.
This gives you an overall feeling of virtual weightlessness. This particular design has helped many artists with wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome cramps, making them work hours longer than was previously possible.

The bishop Rotary tattoo machine is made using airplane aluminum and on the latest 5-axis CNC machines for ultimate precision, then hand polished,
to ensure close tolerances and excellent workmanship. Each machine is assembled by hand to ensure accurate fit and function.

Technical specifications:

Voltage: 0-12 volts DC (max. 14 volts DC)
Power connections: RCA or Clip Cord
Speed range / sec: 0-7200 rpm / min 0-130 / sec
Standard stroke 3.5 mm
Max. tube diameter: 08 mm
Max. needle size: 50 magnum
Weight: 107 grams