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Equaliser Wireless Pen Stick V2

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The latest Wireless Pen Stick. Since wireless machines have been on the market, many tattooists now cannot imagine going back to traditional machines. To enable them to work continuously without having to take breaks for charging, a wireless Pen Stick was created. It has been equipped with a removable battery (2 included) so that while we are working, one battery is in the machine, and the other is ready in the charger.

The machine, despite three different elements (power supply, cable and machine), is the size of a standard machine and weighs only 120 g!

The housing is made entirely of aluminum, with a display and 3 buttons to operate the machine. The machine has a precise voltage regulation every 0.1 V in the range of 5-12 V. (recommended 6-10 V)

The digital display shows 3 values:
DC voltage
battery level
time from turning on the machine (resets each time it is turned off)

The most important features:
Three colors to choose from: black, silver, red
Removable battery
An aluminum grip with a diameter of 32 mm and two additional ones covered with anti-slip silicone with a diameter of 32 and 35 mm
stroke: 3.5 mm (direct drive)
4.5 W motor
adjustable needle extension
working time: up to 8 hours
charging time: 2 hours
built-in Jump Start
dimensions: length 130 mm, diameter 32 mm
weight: 120 g
adjustable voltage every 0.1 V in the range of 5-12 V (recommended 6-10 V)
The set includes: a machine, 2 batteries, 2 additional grips, a charger that allows you to charge two batteries simultaneously.

12-month warranty.