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MO Tattoo Pen Machine - Black/Red

Артикул: CN1534
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Quick Details
Type:Tattoo Gun
Material:aluminum alloy
Place of Origin: China
Product name:MO Tattoo pen machine
Motor:Mabuchi II Motor
Net weight:180g
Speed:8V 9000rp
Size:117*30mm (the thickest part is 35mm)
Starting voltage:5v
Working voltage: 8V

1. The connection line interface is pure copper gold-plated RCA interface, which has good electrical conductivity, wear resistance, and will not deform after long use; 2. The motor adopts the second-generation Mabuchi motor, which is characterized by large power, stable output, low skin damage, fast coloring, long working hours without heating, and stable output, which can meet the daily operation of various patterns by tattoo artists; 3. The overall process is CNC integrated, and the fit between various accessories is very high, ensuring that the machine can achieve light sound during use, stable performance, wear-resistant accessories, and longer machine life; 4. The faceplate adopts 10-slot plum blossom eccentric plate, which is not easy to deform, high rebound frequency, stable and powerful needle ejection, light sound, uniform rotation speed, and long-lasting performance; 5. Stainless steel high-pressure resistant steel balls are placed on both sides of the main part, which can effectively protect the rubber band of the main part from being worn out. At the same time, it can adjust the needle length better and more accurately, the rotating sound is crisp, the gear position is obvious, and the adjustment feel is good; 6. The needle port is the standard Cheyenne size, which can be applied to most of the integrated needles on the market