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Артикул: CN1177
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The original power supply Pulsar VR-1 by Sirius.

Pulsar VR-1 is designed and constructed to achieve the highest functionality and operational comfort. 

The power supply has got two sockets for tattoo machines (A/B), socket switch (A/B), comfortable manual starter (SW) and foot starter input (FS). The big, step-adjustable controller located on the top of the power supply allows to precise and convenient voltage setting. The device uses clear, anti-scratch display. 
Pulsar VR-1 is equipped with adjusted voltage saving function for both sockets (A/B). Pre-saved settings will not be lost after the device is switched off. Manual starter makes it possible to control machines without the need to use foot pedal. The power supply’s base is equipped with silicone anti-slip pad and four magnets which additionally stabilize the device on metal surfaces. Pulsar VR-1 power supply works with any kind of tattoo machines.

- Input voltage: 110/230V
- Input frequency: 50Hz
- Output voltage: 0-18V
- Current: 3A
- Operating temperature 0 / + 40 ° C
- Storage temperature -25 ° / + 60 ° C
The device designed and manufactured by Sirus Tattoo Equipment.