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The original Pulsar VR-2 Power Supply by SIRIUS TATTOO EQUIPMENT.

Pulsar VR-2 was designed and constructed to achieve maximum performance of your tattoo machine. 

The power supply has a big and sensitive touch-screen, which can be easily secured with protective foil, and bright and clear OLED screen (organic light-emitting diode), that performs very well in tattoo industry.

It has also a convenient CONTINUOUS mode – the machine works all the time after single pressing on footswitch/starter, and after another pressing it switches off.

Pulsar VR-2 ensures stable and smooth output power for both rotary and coil machines.

It enables you to save four settings of voltage, programmed buttons restore the voltage value for four different machines. This values will be saved after setting and will not be lost after switching off the machine. Moreover, the power supply has built-in stopwatch which will help in monitoring the duration of tattoo session.

The control unit may be easily fitted to the worktop with the use of comfortable handle, which enables you to fix the device at any angle.

- Steel housing ensures high durability.
- Input voltage: 100/240V 1.5 A
- Input frequency : 50-60 Hz
- Output voltage: 1-18V 
- Current: 2.2 A
- Operating temperature 0/+40°C
- Storage temperature -25°/+60°C
The set includes:

- Control panel and power supply unit.
- Innovative stand with handle.

- Two protective foils for the screen of control unit.

- Detailed instruction in English.