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Tattoo wireless Rotary Machine Pen

Артикул: CN1387
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1. Material: Aluminum alloy
2. Process: CNC integrated fine carving;
3. Charging interface: Android USB cable interface;
4. Battery capacity: 1800mA (milliamps);
3. Charging time: fast charging, 1.5-2 hours without power can be fully charged;
3. Operating time: Under normal 8V voltage, it can work continuously for about 6 hours under stable voltage conditions, and intermittent use can be about 7 hours;
4. LCD display content: output voltage range + battery usage;
5. Motor: domestic flat motor (10V12000 rpm);
6. Stroke: 0-0.35mm;
7. Starting voltage: 1st gear (5V);
8. Working voltage: 4-6 files (8-10V);