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Turanium Pulsar Space Velvet RCA

Артикул: CN405
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The device works properly in the voltage range of 5-10 V
up to advanced technic and bar you choose..
The Turanium Pulsar is produced with two types of remote switch:
the 3.5 mm mini-jack and the RCA version.
The pack includes 2 tension bars with different rigidity and 3 excenter in different sizes.
Unmarked tension bar: hard „give” , 7-10 V
Tension bar with yellow mark: softer „give” 5-7 V
#3 excenter: 4.2 mm long stroke
#1 excenter: 2.5 mm short stroke
#2 excenter: 3.5 mm medium stroke
The machine are built with powerful Maxon DC motor from Switzerland 

This version comes to you with RCA conection !