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Xtreme Tattoo Ink Japanese Set - 10 x 30ml

Артикул: CN1904
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Xtreme’s Japanese set colour set is the perfect way to recreate Japanese look tattoos with the quality and consistency of modern inks.

Colors included: Salmon Roe, Yellow Blaze, Daruma, Rising Sun, Green Tea, Moss Garden, Suicide Forest, Kimono, Godzilla, Japanese Maple.

Xtreme Ink only uses the highest quality ingredients.

With over 90 shades, our tattoo pigment dispersion is unlike other brands. We only use vegetable glycerin, organic ingredients and it’s free from additives.

With years of testing we have perfected each and every colour in our vast product range.

Consistency is the best in the industry due to our large batch production runs, state-of the-art facilities and team of experts who QC each step of the production process.

Made in California.