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"Z" Rotary Aluminum Limited Edition with Dark Chameleon Pearl

Артикул: CN758
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  • Цена:
    750 лв.
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    0 лв.
  • Classic Style Direct Drive Rotary tattoo machine;
  • Aircraft Aluminum body with Stainless Steel parts;
  • High Gloss Chameloen Pearl Powder coat finish, changes color tones from black to dark green to purple, depending on lighting (very easy to clean);
  • New improoved tube vise lock, locks any grip with ease, no matter is it steel or disposable;
  • Both RCA and Clip-cord connections;
  • Powerful 8,5Watt Faulhaber Motor with dual ball bearings, gives a possibility to run it as a slow traditional color packer and as a very fast liner, just change the voltge and choose Your speed;
  • Special cam with easy stroke adjustment system;
  • Stroke 1,0-4,0mm;
  • Special dual ball bearing needle pin rotation system;
  • No need of any lubricating (at all)
  • It's great machine for all kind of works;
  • Operates its Speed and Power on 6,5-12,0 Volts;
  • Big range of speed adjustment with lots of power, from 65 up to 120hits per second;
  • Low weight: 105grams/3,7oz;
  • Great balanced weight and low vibration;
  • Its perfect for standart premade needles or cartridges;
  • Pushing all available needle groupings.